Frequasense has developed SepsisPlus, a unique cost-effective point of care platform for the rapid detection of sepsis.

The company is led by a strong team with decades of Industry experience, clinical expertise in infectious disease and Sepsis as well as in depth biochemical and medical device engineering expertise.

OUR why Our Mission

Our Mission is to enable the early detection of Sepsis in hospitals across the globe, saving more lives and providing significant economic benefit, allowing resources to be distributed more effectively where they are needed most. 

the problem The Impact of a Missing Diagnosis

500M people are affected by Sepsis worldwide.
0 Million
11M Sepsis cases result in death each year.
0 Million

Requires Rapid diagnosis

Sepsis can be treated effectively with antibiotics, but only if diagnosed rapidly.

risks to antibiotic stewardship

A patient's chances of survival increase drastically if antibiotics are prescribed within 1 hour, however clinicians are also under pressure to preserve antibiotic stewardship.

no reliable testing currently

There is currently no gold standard measure of Sepsis, and confirmation takes 12-24 hours which is too long to wait to treat it effectively.

The solution SepsisPlus Biomarker Test

The SepsisPlus BioMarker Test is a proprietary technology which provides a clear indication of Sepsis within just two minutes, enabling clinicians to make the decision to prescribe within the 1-hour timeframe with confidence. The test has previously been clinically validated with over 2,000 patient samples tested.

Sepsis Specific Marker.

Avoiding misdiagnosis of other conditions.

P Values of 0.003 against other inflammatory conditions.


Negative predictive value at 98%.


The latest development of reader with consumable strip,  available in different colours to meet end-user needs. UI will feature a ferroelectric static display; data captured by electronic sensors will be displayed as either yes/no or colour-coded chart for quantitative measurement. 

All options are presently under development, the first device will be determined following clinical data capture and user evaluation.


global implementation Economic Impact

The economic impact of global implementation is significant:

  • Sepsis costs the NHS £2Bn annually, and the UK economy £15.68Bn.
  • The average hospital-wide cost per patient in high-income countries is $32,000 (UN 2020).

Sepsis BioMarker Test can reduce it:

  • If Sepsis BioMarker Test was utilised with just 10% of the 360,000 hospital cases the NHS would save £57M per year as a result of reduced hospital stays.
  • Use of Point-of-Care diagnostics (vs. Lab Testing) will reduce emergency room care times.

Developing life-saving rapid diagnosis of Sepsis.

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